succession planning
The 2008 McKinsey report on Talent states that "demographic change, globalization and the rise of the knowledge
worker" are forcing organizations to take talent more seriously.
Tango and Interplay demonstrate the connections talent
management has to financial results. Preparation of your next level of leaders can be accelerated by providing a forum
where they can challenge the skills that will be deployed across an enterprise and see the impacts of their decisions.
Managing a business requires knowledge of the processes that influence profitability. Traditional budgets focus on cost
containment, sales growth and return on assets. Today's knowledge economy requires skills to manage beyond the
traditional profit and loss statement. This competitive two day simulation provides a platform for managers to balance
the additional demands of intangible factors of employee and customer attraction and retention to deliver tactical
results while maintaining momentum for strategic direction.
Learning Outcomes
~ Experience the multiple demands of management of a service based enterprise
~ Increase systems thinking gaining a broader perspective of the critical business drivers of operations
and strategy
~ Widen perspective on intangible factors that drive competitive position, employee retention and financial
~ Deliver expanded view of the impact of image and know-how to establish competitive advantage
~ Strengthen business analysis, collaboration and planning skills
Critical Applications
~ Accelerate business skills development of professional staff
~ Touchstone program for high potential development and succession planning
~ Execution of business strategy through individual commitment
~ Break down the complexity of the business model to demonstrate areas of opportunity for improvement
~ Practice application of business strategy in a competitive environment
Key Business Results
~ Increased communication across functions to focus on business strategy
~ Improved focus on intangible factors that contribute to performance
~ Commitment to staff development to positively impact retention
~ Enhanced business analysis to increase effective decision-making
~ Broadened perspective of competitive landscape strengthens multiple perspectives which lead to
innovative thinking
Imagine an opportunity to bring together divergent thinking representing the functional roles in your company to increase
the dialogue and deliver better business decisions.
Interplay combines a tightly designed business simulation and
active engagement of participants to provide an experience which broadens business thinking, identifies opportunities for
improvement and increases effective decision making.
Learning Outcomes
~ Adopt strategic thinking to adapt to changing market dynamics
~ Identify and manage implications of market strategy
~ Optimize management of resources to meet financial goals
~ Strengthen business analysis of profit and loss statements
~ Elevate knowledge of intangible assets that contribute to market value
Critical Applications
~ Increased effectiveness of decision making balancing collaboration and time constraints
~ Improved communication across business functions
~ Increased commitment for cross-training and sharing of ideas across functions
~ Engagement of associates in business discussions
~ Measurement of balanced scorecard: customers, people and internal initiatives
Key Business Results
~ Better developed budgets
~ Increased innovation focused on product and process improvements
~ Increased emphasis on ideas to promote top-line growth
~ Improved attraction and retention of employees
~ More strategic and proactive development plans linked to business objectives