"Sometime over the next decade your company will be challenged to change
in a way for which it has no precedent"
~Gary Hamel, "The Future of Management"
The Medici Experience
Based on the book, The Medici Effect, by Frans Johansson
The world is changing at a faster pace than ever imagined. We have moved from a manufacturing economy to a service
economy to an idea economy. It is this new currency of ideas that will separate the ordinary from the extraordinary.
Frans Johansson's research has identified a way of thinking to generate ideas in the intersection to create limitless
Learning Outcomes
~ Understand the creative process that supports intersectional thinking
~ See the impact of innovation beyond incremental directional thinking of continuous improvement
~ Create the mindset to embrace a broader perspective of possibilities
~ Perfect techniques to practice intersectional thinking
~ Identify opportunities to strengthen behaviors to support idea generation
Critical Applications
~ Increased engagement of associates in the business
~ Additional focus on top-line growth beyond cost-cutting
~ Improved communication across business functions
~ Effective decision making based on diversity of perspectives
~ Practical methodology to generate ideas for growth
Key Business Results
~ Improved employee engagement and performance management
~ Increased commitment to diversity
~ Reduced sub-optimization of resources
~ Identification of growth markets to support business strategy
~ Productivity per employee improved with development
Customized application exercises and idea generation sessions can be added to course curriculum. The result of this
experience helps individuals understand the fundamentals of intersectional thinking: diversity of perspective, discovery
of new ways of thinking, connections of combinations to produce possibilities for your organization.